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Please enjoy some of our videos!


Medical Volunteers

Our clinics are so important to Savanette since they have very limited access to medical care.

Operation Christmas Child

In March of 2013, our children were overwhelmed when they received Christmas boxes.

Orphans Singing

In March 2015, the orphans sang "I have it in my mind to pray for you."

Perrysburg Charity Molds Lives

Many young men have learned English and are building a brighter future.

A Trip Through Haiti

Driving though Port au Prince is an eye opening experience.

Feeding Federal Prisoners

After the earthquake in 2010, Jay helped feed prisoners who had not eaten for days.

Changes in Savanette

Something new happens on every trip we make to Savanette.

Brad Reddick School

There are currently 300 children in the school grades k-6. We would love to add grades 7-9.

Circle of Life

50 people earn money making amazing creations from magazine pages and scrapbook paper.

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