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Ron Meier Farm Resource Center

  The vision for the center is to transform farming using creative technologies in the Savanette with application to a much larger demographic area.  With great focus on good stewardship, work is well under way using shipping containers for basic structure.  A dedicated life insurance endowment supplied the original funds.  Another generous donation was so appreciated. To complete the plans, grants are being applied for and we are hoping other donors will see the value in this project.  The final goal is for financial independence for the area. 

 Guest House
     The team in November 2014 stayed  at the MIA guest house in Savanette for the first time.  More containers will be finished to allow for bigger teams.  Each container has two bedrooms with a fully functional bathroom in the middle.  We no longer need to stay in Les Cayes and make the 45 minute drive every day. Living among our Haitian freinds is such a blessing to help build relationships and share God's Word.



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Wayne & Melba Leatherman Conference Center

    RMFRC contains a 108 by 52 foot conference center with projection, stage and sound capacities allowing a mutlitude of educational opportunities.  Hosting conferences will create many jobs for the community.

Experimental Plots

     40 irrigated gardens will model soil improvement, alternative non traditional plants, agroforestry, nursery management, animal husbandry and innovative technology.  The dry season is sadly peak growing season, making solar water pumping essential. Our third well will allow 320 gallons per minute of water.  The farm serves as  a model for using solar power to enable large scale farming production. 


     We have been very blessed to purchase modern kitchen equipment at local auctions for fabulous prices.   The galley kitchen provides capacity to feed many people at conferences.

Future Projects

     Tilapia farming, aquaponic gardening, animal feed pellet production, conference services, small animal meat production and dried fruit processing will Immediately support local employment opportunities.

      A Welding School and Solar Technology school are among the possibilites for the future.   The goal of all projects is to create employment and financial independence.

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