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Missions International of America is a 501(c)3 Charitable Organization founded by Jay and Jan Nielsen in 2002.  Their goal is to provide medical  care, education, microeconomy and basic supplies to the people of Savanette, Haiti.  



About MIA

*   We built and currently operate the Brad Reddick School in Savanette, Haiti.  The area never had education, clean water, economic opportunities or electricity.​ Bethlehem Lutheran Church in Pemberville raised the  money to build and partly fund the new 7th, 8th, and 9th grade classrooms.

*   Over 300 children in the school are fed a muffin every day which is all most of them eat.

*   The people in this area have no access to medical care, so our medical clinics are crucial.

*   Thanks to generous donations, we have lain 9000 fet of pipe and installed 13 water stations down the road.

*   Our deep well provides much needed water for the community, animals and gardens.

*   The new Ron Meier Farm Resource Center houses a guest facility, Leatherman Conference Center and experimental plots allowing farmers to learn new techniques.


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